Straight Razor Honing Progression

How sharp does a straight razor need to be to shave your face and throat area with? SHARP =) We make sure it can pass the HHT (Hanging Hair Test) before returning it to our customers. Also, in experience we have found that finishing a straight razor on the .125 CBN pasted strop ¬†will yield a smooth and yet very close shave. Check out this grit progression below… note that the higher we go up in grits, the more light, and the less we can actually see the edge.

Damaged edge before honing:


800 Grit Chosera Water Stones

2000 Grit Chosera Waterstones (note: reversed direction to see scratch pattern)

5000 Grit Chosera Waterstones

10k Grit Chosera Waterstones

Note: I increased the angle 1 degree per side to make sure to hit the very edge. This is seen in the pics.

Final Stropped bladed (.125 CBN kangaroo strop)