General Knife Maintenance Tips

Everyone should at least know some basics on maintaining their knives… whether its their kitchen knives or hunting knives, the rules are the same. The first point is HUGE, don’t miss it. If you are cutting on a class cutting board or plate, this will destroy your edge… do yourself a favor and go buy a wooden, bamboo, or plastic cutting board and a good steel.

“- Use wooden or composite plastic cutting boards only. Glass, ceramic, marble and steel will cause the edge to roll or chip. Bad. Don’t do it.

- Don’t drop your knives in the sink. Not only is it a hazard to the person washing dishes, but you can also blunt the tip or edge.

- Don’t put your knives in the dishwasher. The heat may damage wooden handles and the edges may bang against other cutlery or plates.

- Keep your knives clean and dry. Sanitize if necessary.

- Do not store your knives loose in a drawer. Use a block, magnetic strip, slotted hanger or edge guards. The magnetic strip is not recommended if you have children or inquisitive pets.

- Finally, your knife is not a can opener, a screwdriver, a pry bar, box cutter or hammer.”

Information from Chad Ward

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