Mail-In Sharpening Service

Through our online, mail-in knife sharpening service you can experience what it is like to have your edge better than new again! At Razor Edge Knives LLC you could say we re-define ‘sharp’. We have tried to streamline the online knife sharpening process and, while you still have to pay shipping, we have tried to alleviate some of that cost by our current specials for online customers. The prices still apply that are found on our ‘Services & Fees’ page. You can also shoot us an email at [email protected] if you have questions.

What are our online customers saying?

” Josh excellent job on sharpening my knives! Would recommend to any body who wants their knives sharpened right the first time.” – Dennis

” Thanks Josh! I got the knives on Friday and the edges on them are scary sharp! They turned out even better than expected.” – Roy

” It looks great thanks!  I’ll definitely recommend you to friends and family.” – Michael

” I received the knife the other day and that is the best sharpening job I’ve ever seen!  I look forward to doing business with you in the future and will def. spread the word on your company.  Take care, be safe.” – Nick

How does the mail order sharpening work?

  1. PACK – Pack up your knives securely in a cardboard box (smallest possible to save on shipping). The knives should be wrapped securely in newspaper with a rubber band or tape around them. Make sure you have several layers of newspaper around them, and that the tip is protected and won’t poke through the box! If you have a sheath we highly recommend to use it for the shipping process. Also, don’t forget to put extra newspaper or other cushioning material in the additional space inside the box to prevent your knives from bouncing around.

    Make sure to include your contact information in the package (Name, Phone number, return address, and email address) along with the amount of insurance you want on the return trip!! Or you can send us an email with all this info. If we discussed doing something special to your knife, please include a note saying what you are wanting done or referring to the email you sent me. 

  2. COMPLETE THIS FORM so we know to be expecting your knives! Please only fill out this form if you are absolutely sure you will be sending something in so as to prevent confusion. 
  3. SHIP –  Get them to us! (USPS is the best price, however, if they lose your package you may as well forget about actually getting money from the claim. We suggest UPS if you cannot afford to lose your knives/package). You pay shipping both ways to ensure that you get the fairest price possible and pay the ACTUAL shipping costs… nothing extra, no handling fees. We also HIGHLY suggest getting insurance as we will not be held liable for items that are damaged or lost in the mail either in the sending or return (**see below). Upon us receiving your blades, we will then sharpen them and send them back out the very next day (depending on my schedule & quantity/specialty orders; in these cases turn around time will vary)! You don’t have to include a return label in the package as we will just add this to your invoice total when you pay.
    ** Please scroll to the bottom of the page for IMPORTANT information regarding shipping/insurance before you ship your item!!!
  4. PAY – After shipping your blades to us we will send you an invoice which you can pay with your credit/debit card online through Paypal. You can also pay over the phone. You do not have to have a Paypal account for this process to work, all you have to do is punch your card into the Paypal site. Note: other payment methods are available but may take longer (i.e. money order, check, etc) – contact us with questions.
  5. ENJOY – Your knives will be returned to you via the shipping service that you used (**see below) getting your package to us, and you can enjoy the efficiency and smoothness of a razor sharp, better-than-factory edge on your blades! You won’t believe the difference until you try it!


Where do I ship my knives?

Razor Edge Knives LLC
2541 N. Pleasantburg Dr. Ste. S PMB 121
Greenville, SC 29609

Note: if you have a large or custom order, processing time may be slightly extended, but not much. We do offer a bulk scissor/knife sharpening service as well (email for a quote).

Remember, the more knives you get done at once, the more you save in shipping! If you have any questions AT ALL don’t hesitate to call us!


  1. When you send us 10 or more knives we will repair any of the blades that are damaged (see the Articles section for examples and pictures, including chipped tips, nicks, and blade geometry) for free!!
  2. Gather 10 scissors and enjoy a 15% discount on your scissor sharpening fee… You would not believe the difference a pair of sharp scissors can make!!

** Our “No-Risk” Guarantee ** If not completely satisfied with your edge, we will completely refund money paid to us!

* PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING *  To completely re-profile the edge on a knife there may be an additional fee.

Need your band-saw blade sharpened? We don’t sharpen those… Please see our friends, Jordan’s Band Saw Service to take care of your band saw sharpening needs through the mail! They have quick turn around time and great prices!

What other things will you need to

maintain your edge?

There are certain things that you really need to keep on hand to either protect or maintain your knife. There are two things that are a definite MUST if you are getting your kitchen knives sharpened:

A Knife steel/hone. Ever notice if you look closely how the edge on your knife blade is rolled over? Or how you can see flat spots on the edge if you look directly down on top of it in bright light? Well, most of the time this is because your edge has rolled over, and the knife doesn’t need to be sharpened necessarily, just steeled. There are several different knife steels on the market, but among the best are ceramic steels. I know this is like shooting ourselves in the foot, but you will be able to go 2-3 times longer without getting your knives sharpened. They work magic on your edge. The best one out there in our opinion is the Spyderco Sharpmaker as it is very easy to use!

A good cutting board. We cannot begin to tell you how quickly and maliciously glass, ceramic, or marble cutting surfaces will destroy your edge. Please do yourself a favor and get a good plastic or wooden cutting board. They will also greatly extend your edge if you have been used to cutting on a hard surface.

Listen, no matter where you get these items from, make sure you get them from somewhere. Unlike other companies who give you a weak edge on your knife, or don’t give you the best advise, we want to ensure that you get the most out of your edges after we sharpen them. We want return customers, but we want happy customers that will recommend us to friends and family. Our reputation and integrity is worth more than a few dollars. Thanks for giving us the time of your day and looking at our Mail-In Knife sharpening service!!!


** IMPORTANT information (Company policy on care and shipping of knives): by shipping your knives/package to us you automatically agree to the following:

  • Razor Edge Knives LLC (“We”) is/are only responsible for items shipped to us while in our care. We guarantee to take care of the items and that they will get back to the shipping company.
  • We are not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure to pick a shipping company they trust and to get insurance on the package.
  • We ship packages back to our customers using the same shipping company that is used to get the knives to us.
  • We purchase the same amount of insurance for the return trip as the customer originally had on the trip to us unless otherwise specified.
  • If you used USPS to ship your item and got their insurance, we will alternately get insurance for the return trip. 

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One thought on “Mail-In Sharpening Service

  1. Just got the knives and scissors back and I am extremely happy with the outcome. The knives are beautifully done and well worth the money spent. In addition Josh did not have the setup to do left hand scissors nor a convex edge so instead of just half assing it like many people will do he just stated he could not do them and recommended someone who could. That is treating your customers as they should be. Thank you Josh for your work and friendly communications. I will definitely use your services again and will point my friends in your direction.


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