Serrated Knife Sharpening Kit

Razor Edge Knives LLC is proud to present you the Serrated Knife Sharpening Kit that we have painstakingly designed! Keep in mind as you look at this kit, there is nothing like this currently on the market for serrated knives...
Ever wondered how to sharpen serrated knives? Now, finally, there is a good system on the market to sharpen serrated knives! Until this point it has been next to impossible for the professional sharpener to sharpen his serrated knife to a better-than-factory edge (at least not without spending hours on one knife). With our innovative system, you can restore, re-profile, and hone your serrated edge to a mirror finish within minutes utilizing our kit with a non-included bench grinder (preferably a variable speed bench

grinder set to 2000 rpm or less). This is the best way on the current market to sharpen your serrated blade. Our kit will include:

  • Three 1/4″ Aluminum Oxide 9″ grinding wheels (you can use these for different sized serration patterns)
  • One 1/4″ Paper buffing wheel (8″ diameter) – you can shape this however you wish as well
  • The Razor Sharp special-blend cooling wax & polishing rouge
  • A diamond wheel dresser (you can use this to shape both your grinding wheels and also your paper wheel).
  • A dressing stick (which you can use to slow the cutting action in conjunction w/ the wax, which will also keep your blade cooler during the grinding process)
  • An aluminum bushing reducer that you use w/ your grinding wheels (will reduce the arbor size from 7/8″ to 1/2″).
  • Ten 1/2″ washers to be used as spacers on your 1/2″ arbors between the wheel and the tightening nut.
  • Step-by-step video instructions and personal customer support.
Keep in mind that this process does still use a free-hand technique which requires some hand and eye coordination. If you cannot do that then this kit is probably not for you. But if you work relatively well with your hands than this system should be a breeze.

Our kit will allow for three different grinding speeds – use only the diamond dresser on the wheel for fastest cutting (or to strip & clean the wheel), if you want a little slower speed and higher polish use the dressing stick, if you want the slowest cutting and highest polish (for more of a touch up) then you would use both the dressing stick and the wax.

The way our kit comes to you will be with the grit and paper wheels un-profiled. We leave this up to our customers so they can customize each wheel to best suite their needs. Again, we include step-by-step video instructions (via YouTube) on how to set up and use this kit effectively. Please contact us with any questions you may have before, or after your purchase and we will be glad to help! You can use Paypal to pay for your item by sending payment to [email protected] or you can call and pay over the phone.
Below is a video demonstration of how the wheels work.
Total price for the serrated sharpening kit is $125 with free S&H to the CONUS..


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