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7 thoughts on “Pictures & Videos

  1. Is there a way you can forward me the parts and plans for your WE modification ? I looked on one website you mentioned but it told me it was no longer available. Thanks for your help!

  2. When you mount the WEPS on the panda vise, what is the shaft from the aluminum plate and how does it attach to the plate and the panavise?

  3. I never get into writing reviews, or make commentaries about services/purchases I find on line. That being said, this makes me a liar. I honestly think that Josh is great to work with, whether you’re knowledgeable, or a ‘newb’ to the world of knives, he can handle whatever it is you need sharpening done on. I must’ve had 8-9 knives done, all custom grinds with different edges, within the last two weeks. All my knive are all expensive tactical folding knives that deserve carefully done sharpening, That, can either make them more beautiful, or ruin them. Josh did an amazing job on all of them, be it just a simple re-sharpening, or a custom re-grind with a variety of edges. I’ve dealt with factory re-sharpening, which is fine if you want to be without your knife for 8 weeks, or have done “adequate” sharpening myself. You’d have to be crazy to not use Josh, and see the great work he does. Turn around time was less than a week, and done exactly to your specifications. Give Josh a shot, and throw out your own sharpening ‘stuff’. He makes them all obsolete!

  4. I’ve had Josh sharpen over 35 high end folders and some fixed blade knives. I’ve used many sharpening methods and other sharpening services in the past.
    His work is beyond excellent. He has sharpened, reground, and put mirror finishes on my knives. The work is so good it’s almost a crime to use the knives!
    They come back so sharp and beautiful it makes you want to display and show them off.
    His prices are fair and his return time is fast.
    I highly recommend using his services to keep your knives super sharp and if you want a knife to show off, send him some to mirror finish. You’ll amaze your fellow knife nut friends.
    And finally, this young man is a hard-working, honorable family man. A true American success story.

  5. As a repeat customer I am always amazed at the sharpness, price, and quick turnaround time of REK.
    I looked up the definition of “scary sharp” in the dictionary but instead of words, there was a picture of Josh.
    Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!

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