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We are finally ready to launch the next phase in our business… We are now offering a Cerakoting service for knives and firearms! This Cerakoting service is being offered in Greenville, SC and surrounding areas. We are also offering this nationwide through our mail-in Cerakoting service! If you need your rifle, pistol, or knife refinished, we offer a refinishing service using both bake on and air dry versions of cerakote.

Are you NIC certified? No, we are not NIC certified, but all that training does is offer tips and tricks on the process itself; note that certified Cerakote applicators still follow the application manual. The application is straight forward and prep is key. We take the utmost care in both the prep and painting of your firearm or knife. We have done the research and invested in the proper equipment (which costs a few thousand dollars) to complete the job in an excellent fashion – one that you should be well pleased with.

So what is Cerakote? Well, chances are if you are on this page you already know what it is as well as it’s benefits. Please check out a few of the videos below for a detailed comparison between Cerakote, Gunkote, Durakote, etc. ” Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote products remain at the foreforont of the ceramic coatings market. Cerakote ceramic coatings utilize state-of-the-art technology to out-perform any competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world applications.” (NIC Industries)

We have painstakingly researched the proper setup and procedure to ensure the absolute BEST Cerakote application to provide the longest lasting, most durable finish to your pistol, rifle, or knife. As we do more items, more pictures will be uploaded to this page. Please contact us for a quote!

Several things that you should always look into when seeking a company to put a finish on your firearm or knife are:

  1. Do they have the proper setup for the prep work? Not prepping the part correctly will cause premature wear and cosmetic blemishes – which in turn is basically wasting your money.
    1. Is their air compressor using truly “dry air”? A compressor naturally has moisture in the air, and unless they are using some type of filter system, the paint will have moisture in it and will not be nearly as durable or even aesthetically pleasing as time goes on.
    2. Do they submerge the metal parts in degreaser or just spray them off? There is a reason that Cerakote states that the parts must be submerged.
    3. Is their oven using some type of electronic temperature controller (such as a PID controller)? Just using a household oven won’t cut it since these have been shown to vary up to +/- 50 degrees! This may not yield as consistent of a finish as a PID controlled oven will.
  2. Can you talk to the person who will actually be the one painting your firearm or knife? Some may not feel as if this is important, but if you are sending a “several hundred dollar” item to a company, you want to know that it will be taken care of and that attention to detail will be given to every part during the Cerakoting process.

At Razor Edge Knives, we do not do shoddy work. All of the above questions will be positively answered from us. We are properly equipped to finish your item. Our customer service is top notch as is our Cerakoting service. Give us a call! We would be more than happy to discuss the finer points of Cerakoting your knife, pistol, or rifle. Call or email for a quote. 


Our general prices are as follows (please note that these are just rough guide lines and general rules. Note: These fees are if YOU DISASSEMBLE and REASSEMBLE your gun or knife. If we have to do it via our certified gunsmith there will be an upcharge, typically $20-50. The price may change depending upon your individual weapon or knife).

  • Pistols (semi-auto) – Single color is $145 and this includes your barrel, slide, frame, grip or thumb safety, slide release, mag release, hammer, and the bottom of your (1) magazine. If you want multiple colors it goes up from there.
    • Each additional color add $20/color 
    • Camouflage Pattern (minimum of 3 colors) add $20 (i.e. total of $205 for a three color pattern). This will appear as a stitched/cross-hatch pattern blended into each other.
    • Multi-Cam Pattern (minimum of 3 colors) add $50. Done with stencils.
    • Additional Magazines (same color as gun) add $10/mag
    • Slide only – $60 (single color)
    • Frame only – $70 (single color)
  • Revolvers – Single color is $125 and we will coat all conducive surfaces (i.e. pretty much everything except certain handles, bore, and inside your cylinder. Certain parts may be taped off).
    • Each additional color add $20/color
    • Camouflage Pattern (minimum of 3 colors) add $20 (i.e. total of $185 for a three color pattern)
  • AR-15/AK47 – $200 for a single color (includes: upper and lower receiver, barrel, gas block, hand guards, all controls, grip <if not rubber>, and 1 magazine).
    • Stock – $50-100
    • Each additional color add $30
    • Camouflage Pattern (minimum of 3 colors) add $50. This will appear as a stitched/cross-hatch pattern blended into each other.
    • Multi-cam Pattern (minimum of 3 colors) add $100. This is done with stencils. 
    • Custom stencil work/patterns you want is on an individual basis and price will be custom. If you want an individual logo/saying grafted into the camo we can discuss price/details. 
    • Magazines are $20 each. Custom stencil work to match rifle will be extra after the first magazine.
    • Scope Mounts – add $30/pair
    • Scope – $50-$250 depending on options (this is done w/ the air dry version of Cerakote)
    • Bi-Pod – add $50-$125 depending on options (single or multi color)
    • Individual Components (single color):
      • Barrel – $70
      • Upper Receiver (stripped)- $50
      • Lower Receiver (stripped)- $50
      • Pistol Grip – $30
      • Stock – $50
  • Shotguns – Single color is $200. This includes: barrel, receiver, bolt, and pump linkage/handguard.
    • Stock is $75
  • Bolt Action Rifle – Single color is $150. This includes the barrel, receiver, and trigger guard.
    • Stocks – $75-$125 range
    • Each additional color add $30
    • Camouflage Pattern add $75 This will appear as a stitched/cross-hatch pattern blended into each other.
    • Stencil work is $75-150 additional depending on options (such as multi-cam pattern or custom stencil work)
  • Knives – start at $30 for a single blade, single color and goes up depending on desired options (such as if you want the liners or hardware done or stencil work.)
  • Suppressors – $45 each for single color (done with high temp version of Cerakote)


Check out our work!

4 thoughts on “Cerakoting Service

  1. Sent in a beat up Kabar to Josh to refinish in Graphite Black and let me tell you he did a fabulous job! My Kabar looks like brand new and is sharper than ever. I will be sending more stuff his way in the future.

  2. The Remington 700 .308 in the pics above is mine. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I could not ask for a faster turn around time and at such a great price.

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