Restoring Factory Blade Geometry

So you have some kitchen knives you want to send off and get sharpened… Well this article should interest you! Before you have your knives sharpened by someone local or even online, see if you can determine the amount of attention they will pay each of your blades. Here at Razor Edge Knives, we work on each blade as if it were our own!

Most knife sharpening companies will charge for blade repair… at Razor Edge Knives, we include it as a complimentary service when you send in 10 knives or more. What do we mean by blade repair? Well, typically it is a chipped tip or a large nick taken out of the edge… but many times the blade has not been sharpened properly in the past and the “heel” of the edge gets worn and the “return” goes out past the edge (click here for a knife diagram explaining the different parts of a knife). If you have less knives, it’s only $3/blade to fix.

This poses a problem for your larger kitchen knives (you know, the ones you typically “chop” things with). The reason is because as you try to use the “heel” of your edge to cut all the way through something, let’s say a tomatoe, it won’t cut all the way through because there is actually a gap between your edge and the cutting board (see above photo). Here are some pictures to show what a finished blade looks like when we are done



You can be rest assured that by sending us your blades, they will be well taken care of and extra time and effort will go into your blades if they need it – even at a monetary loss to us. The testimonials and reviews back up this claim. When you want to talk to the person who actually will be sharpening and handling your blade (I.e. Josh, the owner) all you have to do is pick up the phone and call! Thanks for checking us out.

Here is one more example… do your larger knives look like this?